Vacuumed glass

Vacuumsav TN glass

VacuumSAVTM glass combines the thermal performance of traditional glass insulating glass with the thickness of a single glass.

It is the ideal solution to reconcile the preservation of historic heritage with modern comfort and current environmental requirements.

has a reduced overall thickness and good soundproofing properties and is the ideal choice in historic buildings where there is a need to replace windows while preserving the original look.

The system even allows the use of the original frame, if it is repaired or is in an acceptable state of conservation.

Until now, the only possibilities required sacrificing thermal performance and comfort or compromising the aesthetics of the building using frames with modern IGU, definitely heavier.

Funzionamento vetro sottovuoto


  • Aesthetic improvement: the final appearance of the window is more consistent with that of a historic building;
  • Greater comfort: reducing cold areas in the vicinity;
  • Reduction in noise: Sound insulation much more effective than the one offered by a single glass;
  • Saving on heating costs: four times more efficient thermal insulation than a single glass;
  • Competitive replacement costs: it can be adapted to existing frames designed for single glasses;
  • Proven solution: has been used successfully in Japan for over ten years.

Protective Cap

The vacuum production process of VACUUMSAV TM  involves the execution of a hole in the inner plate, which is subsequently sealed. The seal is covered with a small black plastic (12 mm) permanent cap, located 50 mm from the edge of the glass, which must be facing the inside of the building and not removed from the surface of the glass after installation. The cap can be positioned at any corner of the panel.


The spacers, of 0.5 mm diameter and positioned 20 mm apart, are used to keep the distance between two glass plates fixed.

Type Thickness
Light transmission
Solar factor
Value U (w/m2k)
Acoustic reduction
Monolithic VacuumSAV 6,2 78 67 1,4 35
VacuumSAV25 Double Glazing 25,0 70 55 0,7 35