Sav 2000

From more than 40 years we have been producing insulating and laminated glass for building and fruishing

SAV2000 is specialized in insulating glass windows, laminated glass windows and traditional glass production for construction and furnishing manufacturing companies.

We started our activity in 1968 in a small craftsmen laboratory and have become the first manufacturing company in our area to propose and produce insulated glass windows.


Quality, innovation and security

Over 40 years of activity enable us to know and meet the needs of Customers, to whom we offer high quality products and design, carefully crafted.

With a strong commitment to innovation and the pursuit of new products and technologies, we strive every day to ensure the highest security with maximum comfort: bright living environments, optimum thermal and acoustic insulation, long life and easy maintenance.


Cutting-edge technology

During its history, Sav 2000 has always felt it important to innovate in order to provide its customers with products of excellence both from the point of view of aesthetics and functionality.

Our company has made significant investments to get the best technology in the market, coming today to have a complete and innovative machine strength.

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