Safety glass windows

Armored laminated security glass

Laminated Security Glass is made by assembling two or more plates of glass with one or more sheets of plastic (PVB) so as to achieve greater impact resistance.

The dense net of plastic filaments contained in the process core prevents the glass from breaking off its fragments when it breaks, holding them "glued" to the foil, preventing splinting injuries and delaying or preventing intruders from intruders.   

The advantages of laminated security glass:

  • The ability of the glass to keep its structure intact even in case of breakage;
  • The prevention of accidents caused by glass splintering;
  • Protects environments from vandalism and intrusive danger to malicius people.

Glass for safetyand security:

  • Simple safety glass
  • Anti-vandalism and Anti-Intrusion glass
  • Anty-burglary and Anti-intrusion glass
  • Bullet proof and Anti-intrusion glass
  • Anti-hurricane glass SGP
  • Laminated glass with printed PVB
  • Laminated glass with LCD glass

Funzionamento delle vetro stratificato

Some examples of classification of most common stratified glass:

Product UNI EN 12600 / Simple safety
UNI EN 356 / Anti vandalism
UNI EN 356 / Anti burglar
UNI EN 1063 / Bullet proof
3+3 0,38 2B2
4+4 0,38 2B2
5+5 0,38 2B2
3+3 0,76 1B1 P2A
4+4 0,76 1B1 P2A
5+5 0,76 1B1 P2A
5+5 1,52 1B1 P2A BR1
6+6 0,76 1B1 P2A
5+8+5 0,76 P6B BR1
8+8 4,56 P5A P6B BR2
8+10+8 0,76 P6B BR2
8+10+8 0,76-3,04 P7B BR3

Classification EN

  • UNI EN 12600 / Simple safety (pendulum test)
  • UNI EN 356 / Anti vandalism (steel sphere test)
  • UNI EN 356 / Anti burglar (ax test)
  • UNI EN 1063 / Bullet proof (ballistic test)


Stratified glass