Hurricane proof stratified Glass

Anti-hurricane laminated glass - Evo.Block

Anti-hurricane laminated glass has been developed to withstand high intensity winds and debris from them, which can accidentally bump into the fixtures.

The SGP system has a new chemical structure that makes the glass safer than that with PVB because its rigidity is 100 times higher.

In situations such as glass parapets, with only base attachment, in the event of breakage of both plates, with PVB laminated tempered glass the laminate would fall but with the use of the SentryGlas interlayer this does not happen and glass does not collapse.

Another feature of the new system is the lower weight and thickness of the glazing structure, in fact they are 20 to 30% lower than a PVB structure with the same mechanical characteristics.

SGP laminated glass provides greater security, with both material and installation costs being significantly lower

Advantages of Anti-hurricane laminated glass:

  • It ensures accidental impact penetration resistance, as debris is stopped by rigid plastic material inserted between the glass sections;

  • It combines security features with those of thermal efficiency and acoustic insulation;

  • At the same level of security, SGP glass has a 30% reduction in thickness compared to PVB.

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