Stone laminated glass

Stone laminated glass Evo.Stone

Glass laminated with stone :  Evo.Stone is a creation of design and architecture that combines the thin film of sedimentary natural sandstone with glass.

This extraordinary combination of excellence has led to the construction of a rigid panel with unique visual and technical features that can be used in multiple architectural applications both inside and outside the buildings as well as in all areas where special panels are required even with mirrors and warming or darkening glass.

The glass mainly provides excellent support for the soft film, giving it structural and security features.

Evo.Stone is suitable for covering the surface of a safety glass, named Evo.Stone TOUCH or to be laminated inside two or more flat or curved glass plates : Evo.Stone DIVE.

In both cases, you get amazing shades of color and aesthetic uniqueness.

Vetro laminato con pietra Evo.Dlayer