Glass with textiles

Stratified glass with textiles EVO.TEX

EVO.TEXTM is the most popular among the special laminated glasses. It is made by laminating between two or more sheet glasses some fabrics of different types, like organza, cotton, linen, silk, decorated meshes, lints and laces.
It makes very intense every location where it is used creating dreamlike atmospheres and making combinations with the furnishings and the fabrics of the rooms.
Mach with: heating glasses and mirrors, prints, curved glasses and insulated glasses.


Glass with textiles

This glass decoration is obtained by inserting a textile sheet being it silk, cotton, lace, artificial fibres, gauze of transparent, semi-transparent or total covering type within two glass  overlayered and bedded sheets.

The textile can by supplied by the customer personalizing in this way glass windows to be
used in their homes.

There is no dimensional limit and this technique can be applied to doors or glass dividers. This type of  bedded glass has maximum safety requirements.

Vetri stratificato con stoffa e murrine