The anti-vandalistic bedded glass

Anti-vandalism laminated glass

Anti-vandalized laminated security  glass is able to withstand the impact of bulleted items thrown by a person.

This type of process is highly recommended to protect your personal belongings against burglary attempts or any other type of damage incurred by third parties.

In order to satisfy all requisites fixed by  the Europen norm UNI EN 356 the glass must be able to withstand shattering if a steel sphere is launched from various heights at various stated resistances, P1A from 1,5 m high, P2A from 3,0 m, P3A from 6,0 m, P4A and P5A from 9,0 m.

Advantages of glass stratified antivandalism

  • ability to combine thermal insulation and light transmission characteristics with a high level of protection;
  • Ideal application in contexts where it is essential to ensure security from voluntary attacks by third parties.