Antireflection glass

Anti-reflective glass - Evo.View

Our anti-reflective glass Evo.View is able to reduce to about 2% the reflection of visible internal and external light.

In this way the amount of light passing through it is greater than that of a normal transparent float glass and the view, both from the inside and from the outside, is clearer and substantially free from reflections.

Evo.View anti-reflective glass combines two pyrolytic coatings into a laminated safety glass.

For this reason it offers all the classic advantages of laminated glass, such as security, protection and durability, and improved acoustic properties.

It also protects against ultraviolet radiation (UVA and UVB) by blocking 99% of the transmission, thus helping to protect materials that tend to discolor if exposed for a long time to UV radiation.

Summary of product features:

  • reflection of indoor and outdoor light reduced to about 2%
  • Light transmission over 90%
  • neutral color
  • Increased safety with laminated versions, classified as 1B1 according to UNI EN 12600 and P2A according to UNI EN 356
  • Transmission of ultraviolet light blocked by over 99%
  • Class A pyrolytic resistant coating according to EN 1096-2
  • Easy to process, handle and store
  • hardenable (monolithic version before lamination)
  • Available in large plates.

Vetro stratificato antiriflesso