Glass with liquid crystals

Laminated Switchhable LCD glass - Evo.Vision

Create the privacy effect with a simple touch!

EVO.VISION TM is a laminated glass with a liquid crystal film that is part of the family's technical specialties.

Through an electrical system the glass can pass from the matt state to the transparent state with an adjustable intensity.

When it is completely opaque it can act as a good screen for rear projection. It is used for privacy and to avoid panic from height by returning to transparency after the passage. Matching with LEDs, prints and insulated glass.

The feature of laminated glass with the presence of liquid crystals is the transformation from transparency to opacity.
When the alignment of the crystals inside is random, the glass becomes opaque.

With the application of an electric field, the crystals are all oriented in a certain direction so as to allow light to cross the vitreous support making it transparent.

Advantages of glass with liquid crystals

  • opaque glass blocks UV rays and ensures greater thermal insulation;
  • it can be used for projection of any image or video on it, with optimal result;
  • the level of transparency can be controlled at will;
  • avoids installation and maintenance costs of blinds and venetian blinds.

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