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Laminated and tempered glass stairs

Laminated and tempered glass stairs

Aesthetically pleasing to the eye, the glass stairs give light to the environment and are a very well-liked decorative solution today, especially in modern minimalist homes as they are particularly harmonious with steel. The glass railing allows the staircase to gain more value, making it an important part of the room.

Sav2000 glass stairs panels are manufactured according to the strictest security standards. Depending on design requirements, tempered and laminated glass plates are used in the natural (clear float) or in ther low iron version

The type of stratified glass, also referred to as "laminated glass", is considered "security glass". Laminated glass is a glass panel made up of two or more overlapping glass sheets and joined across the surface by the interposition of plastic material (usually PolyVinyl Butyral or PVB).

The lamination process prevents the glass from splitting into multiple fragments in the event of accidental breakage, thanks to the intermediate layer of PVB that keeps attached adjacent glass plates avoiding endangering objects or nearby people.

Tempered glass is obtained by hardening through a heat treatment; the material is brought to high temperatures (600/700 ° C) and subsequently cooled instantly so as to have a permanent compression capable of giving greater resistance to mechanical stress, increasing the hardness by about six times compared to a normal non-tempered glass plate and greatly reducing the risk of thermal shock.

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