SGX designed PVB bedded glass

Stratified glass with PVB o Printed glass Evo.Giotto

EVO.GIOTTO is one of the most versatile products of the line EVO.VETROTM. Thanks to particular innovative ceramic or inkjet printing technologies it offers the designer a limitless series of decorative or protection-informative opportunities, from the geometrical pattern to the reproduction of real high resolution images that can be applied to all the laminated glass kinds, either flat or curved. The printed decoration can be covering, translucent or frost veiled. Match with: heating glasses or mirrors, metal inserts, metal or polyester mesh, lighting leds, Liquid Crystal Devices, insulated glasses.

The SGX processing allows to reproduce designs or photographic images on bedded glass without having to follow the tedious and long carrying out procedures tied to traditional image processing as the likes of silk-screen printing, sanding down or incision.

The plastic film present within the glass sheets is decorated by using a digital print technology. Highly personalized graphic solutions are obtained.

Advantages of stratified glass with PVB

  • Complete PVB adhesion to glass;
  • An accurate reproduction of any type of design/drawing can be created starting from a simple digital image;
  • Colours and tones will not vary along the years.

Vetro stratificato con PVB e vetro disegnato