Phono insulating glass

Phono insulating glass Douglass Phon

SAV2000 phono insulating solution allows to create more comfortable atmospheres from external noise intrusions.

This particular characteristic is possible because of a particular procedure applied during the  assembly of two or more glass sheets. A PVB plastic film is put between the sheets enabling maximum noise vibration absorption.

Funzionamento vetro fonoisolante

Italian rules and regulations

The DPCM OF 05/12/1997 regulations impose maximum values regarding noise levels coming from indoor sources within the buildings and maximum respect of all passive noise requisites regarding all components in function so as to reduce to minimum any type of human exposition to noises.

Category Destination
A Residence and similar
B Offices and similar
C Hotels and guesthouses
D Hospitals, clinics, old age homes
E School activities on all levels
F Recreational and cultural activities
G Destination commercial activities 

Furthermore, the decree defines 5 parameters through which the acoustic characteristics should be evaluated within buildings by keeping also into consideration all indoor plant noises, the phono insulating capacity of all horizontal and vertical walls:

Parametri Caratteristiche acustiche
R'w (dB) Acoustic insulation of all separating elements (vertical part.) between distinct inhabitances
D2m,nT,w (dB) Façade acoustic insulation
L'n,w (dB) Trampling path noise level
LAeq (dB) Sonorous level produced by indoor plants continuously in function
LAsmax (db) Sonorous level produced by indoor plants in function discontinuously

The parameters and categories define a table where limited values are indicated and which must be followed by various building components:

Categories R'w (dB)
D2m,nT,w (dB) L'n,w (dB) LAeq (dB) LAsmax (db)
D 55 45 58 35 25
A, C 50 40 63 35 35
E 50 48 58 35 35
B, F, G 50 42 55 35 35