Antireflection glass

Stratified antireflection glass Evo.View

Our antireflection stratoview glass is able to reduce up to approximately 2% light reflection visible internally and externally.

The light quantity  penetration is  superior to a  light which normally penetrates a transparent float glass and visibility from inside and outside is more clear and sustantially reflection free.

Stratoview antireflection glass is obtained by  combining  two pirolithic coatings within a safety bedded glass sheet.

For this reason you get with this type of technique the same  advantages belonging to a bedded glass sheet like safety, protection durability and excellent acoustic proprieties.

Ultraviolet ray protection is also obtained. 99% of ray transmission is blocked protecting in this way all materials which have the tendency to fade when exposed to the sun rays.

Summary of product characteristics:

  • internal and external light reflection is reduced to approximately 2%;
  • light transmission is 90 % superior
  • neutral colouring;
  • major safety with the bedded versions, classified 1B1 according to UNI EN 12600 regulations and P2A according to UNI EN 356 regulations;
  • ultraviolet ray transmission is blocked up to 99%;
  • class A resistant pirolithic coating as per en 1096-2;
  • easy to process, manage and preserve;
  • hardenable (in the monolithic versione before bedding);
  • available in big sheets.

Vetro stratificato antiriflesso