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Laminated and tempered glass staircase

Laminated and tempered glass staircase

The glass stairs have great appeal and give lightness to the environment. They are a very popular furniture solution today, especially in modern minimalist style homes. They blend in a particularly harmonious manner with steel. The glass railing adds value to the staircase, making it an important part of the room.

Sav2000 builds glass scales respecting the highest safety standards. It has used tempered and laminated glass in the natural (float) or extra-wide version, depending on the design requirements.

The type of laminated glass is a "safety glass". Layered glass is a panel consisting of two or more glass sheets joined across the surface by the interposition of plastic material PVB  (usually polyvinyl butyral) or special rigid interceptors such as SentryGlas, DG41, ES, etc. (For rigid interleaving means the one belonging to family 3, as defined in prEN 16613: 2013).

Layering prevents the glass from dividing into multiple fragments in the event of accidental breakage, because the intermediate layer of PVB keeps the glass layers fixed, avoiding endangering objects or nearby people.

The parapet and balustrade glass (as reported in UNI 7697: 2015) with performance class 1B1 according to UNI EN 12600, must have a thickness of polymeric interlayers of not less than 0.76 mm.
When the stained glass components have the PR mark, assigned by UNI 7697 (post-break), it is necessary to limit the risk of immediate collapse after breakage. Residual post-breaking residual resistance can be obtained by the use of laminated glass sheets, consisting of at least one of the following elements: recycled glass, hardened glass, rigid interlayer that remains at the glass-use temperatures. In critical cases, it is advisable to perform the test under realistic conditions.

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